I’m a fan of Josh Garrels. A big fan. His ability to express biblical truth musically in ways that are artistically profound (both with regards to lyrics and sound) is stunning.

Not too long ago I came across a couple videos of Josh doing some live music (video for ‘Words Remain’ and video for ‘Ulysses’). Because of the quality of those projects — I’ve never heard live recordings sound so good — I was excited to discover the most recent endeavour with Josh and Mason Jar Music: The Sea In Between.

Josh Garrels - The Sea In Between

The concept is simple: make really beautiful music and record it in a really beautiful place with really beautiful accompaniment and production. The overall result is breathtaking. I ordered the video box set, which came (here’s a surprise) beautifully packaged. I watched it as soon as I could and I couldn’t be happier.

The documentary and interview/interactive approach of the film is a neat way of getting to know Josh and his family better as well. I particularly enjoyed the segment where Josh was talking about the undeniable impulse that people have when they behold something beautiful to admire, thank, and reach out to the one who created it.

Here’s a sample of one of the songs from the album: Josh Garrels and co. performing ‘Pilot Me’ live on Mayne Island, BC.

You can order the DVD box set (and you should) right here.