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Want Some Great Worship Music for Free?

Download ‘The Patika Sessions’ for Free

Joshua Robinson, Lead Worshiper at GFC (Rexdale)

Over Christmas time the Band of Brothers from Grace Fellowship Church (Rexdale), together with some of the members of our worship team recorded, mixed, and produced a CD of worship tunes that we sing in our churches. This a collection of songs and hymns either written or re-written by members of our churches.

We are thrilled to offer the music to you to download for free! Simply click below to download the zip file and enjoy.

Download the Patika Session (.zip)

Download the Patika Sessions Lyrics & Chords (.zip)

In case you’re wondering what ‘Patika’ means, it is street name of the house where the band recorded these songs. Because the songs were self-recorded and produced in a living room, the quality of mixing & mastering is not what you’d get from a ‘professional’ CD… but then again, you’d have to pay for one of those. 🙂

A Sample

Want to listen to a song before downloading the album? This is one of my favourites from the collection. This song, ‘Face to Face’ is a hymn written by Carrie Breck in 1898, with lyrics adjusted and new music by Joshua Robinson and anticipates that day when we will see our Saviour ‘in all his glory.’

Face to Face, by Carrie Breck & Joshua Robinson.


  1. Peter

    Perhaps I'm just used to seeing "worship leader", but I laughed when I saw "Lead Worshiper" under Josh's picture. Makes it sound as if he's #1 in worship 😛

    • Julian

      Ha! Peter, that is hilarious! 🙂

  2. Scott Plavnick

    Gerry Asmus has influenced me for God greatly. Gerry is the Worship Leader for Grace Baptist Church, Mississauga.
    You can hear him on the radio, or download his music free at

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