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Why I Can’t Wait to Learn from Mike Bullmore

The Toronto Pastors Conference is only days away… if you’re not coming, you’ll be missing out!

When we were planning the conference and we first invited Mike Bullmore to come I thought to myself ‘A lot of people probably won’t know who Mike Bullmore is. So how can we fix that?’

One step we took was to ask a few friends for recommendations and endorsements of Mike. We asked last year’s conference speaker, Mark Dever, along with pastor Joshua Harris and professor, speaker, and leader of the Gospel Coalition, Don Carson. Here’s what each of them had to say about we should listen carefully to Mike Bullmore:

Don Carson said: “Mike Bullmore is not as well known as some because he has written relatively little — but he is one of the most engaging, penetrating, insightful preachers I know. Moreover, the quality of his mentoring of young men in the church he serves is simply stellar.”



Joshua Harris wrote: “Mike Bullmore is one of the best kept secrets in the larger body of Christ today. He is a masterful, passionate, precise teacher of God’s word. I’ve described him as a cross between John Piper and CJ Mahaney. And I can’t think of a higher compliment to pay a preacher.”



Mark Dever told us: “Mike Bullmore is a pastor who has both been instrumental in beginning a new congregation, and has faithfully pastored a congregation for years. He’s not only taught preaching in the classroom, but he’s mentored young preachers and pastors for years. I’m excited that pastors in Toronto will get the opportunity to enjoy Mike’s humble wisdom and his careful, encouraging preaching.”




To all that I simply say, that is why I can’t wait to learn from Mike Bullmore! Make sure you register now if you haven’t yet!


Resources for Pastors

I can’t believe that the Toronto Pastors Conference is less than a week away!

Just to whet your appetite for some great time in the word (and some incentive to come if you haven’t decided yet!), here is a great compilation of resources to recommend and to pass along for pastors and those training for ministry.

Now you can download all 8 messages (all pdfs and mp3s with Q&A sessions included)  from the 2009 -2010 Toronto Pastors Fellowship monthly meetings in a single click!

So go ahead and download those messages as you get ready for TPC 2010 coming next week!

Mike Bullmore Interviewed for TPC 2010

The Toronto Pastors Conference is fast approaching (June 14-16)! Have you registered yet? Not sure if you want to come? Here’s something to whet your appetite.

While I was gone on vacation, Paul posted several videos of an interview we did with Mike Bullmore looking forward to TPC ’10. Watch the videos below to find out how the gospel connects to preaching, greeting, ushering, parking lot attendants, and a love for pastoral ministry.

Don’t forget, you can register online here!



Click here to watch a few more videos from Mike Bullmore, to download sermons he’s preached, to read what other evangelical leaders have to say about him, and to see what he’ll be preaching on at TPC ’10!

Mike Bullmore: Why the Lord’s Supper?

Mike Bullmore is the keynote speaker at this year’s Toronto Pastors Conference coming up on June 14-16. Having just heard Mike preach at the Gospel Coalition Conference in Hamilton, I’m really looking forward to hearing my brother bring the word again.

Here are some of his thoughts on the Lord’s Supper.

For more information on the Toronto Pastors Conference or to register online, check out

You Play Kirk Wellum

What are the most pressing issues facing the church in our current day? What theological and doctrinal problems will we see coming to the forefront in the coming decade? What are the errors that we most need to confront in our preaching and teaching ministries today? What issues do pastors in particular and Christians in general need to be aware of, informed in, and ready to give an answer on?

Any thoughts?

Those are the questions we asked Kirk Wellum, Principal of the Toronto Baptist Seminary, to answer at this Monday’s meeting of the Toronto Pastors Fellowship.

So go ahead, play the role of Kirk Wellum: Why don’t you give me some of your answers and we’ll see on Monday how closely they line up with Kirk’s insights once the paper is presented on Monday.

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