Freed to live through the death of another.


This page will function as a lising of all the articles / essays I’ve posted to my site. They’re generally more technical in nature than something I would put in a blog post, but still something that I’ve wanted to make available.

Hopefully you’re able to find something of benefit!

Christian Living

Church History

Theological Issues / Exegesis

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  1. writtenexpression1

    Dear Julian,
    I enjoyed reading "God's Goodness Shown in Grace" and especially toward the end with the beautiful prayer.
    Although I have only been writing Christian articles for a short time, I have written poetry that has been published, just recently at Every Writers Resource (EWR).
    I love the Lord and met my Lord and Savior and was saved at age 15. I believe in one God, and one Son, the Lord Jesus Christ.
    I recently started working on a Christian writers blog ( and I wanted to check out some author's sites and read their works and maybe a swap of post could be arranged.
    I am new to the site building and all that goes into it but I am learning fast.
    Please let me know how you feel about us posting to each others site.
    May God bless you and all at Grace Fellowship Church.

    Yours in Christ's Love,
    Earl Moore

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