The Foolish Mine Owner

You know those moments when truth really sinks into your heart? Isn’t it beautiful?

This morning I was reading from the Psalms and I was struck by something I already knew: God is a precious treasure! He is worthy of worship! For us to ‘have’ him as our God is an incalculable blessing!

In fact, the many attributes of God make him more than a treasure — perhaps more like a treasure mine. There is so much blessing to be had, so many riches to be uncovered, so much wealth to be enjoyed!

And yet, so often I’m like a fool of a mine owner. I’m content to know that I have a mine and that there are riches to be had, but I so rarely do any actual mining that my day-to-day experience is far more poverty-stricken than it needs to be. What a fool I am!

Mining for Treasure in the Psalms

The Psalmists, however, were not fools. They were diligent to recount to themselves and to the people of God all the riches of his glory.

They studied who God had revealed himself to be in his word, in his providence, and in their daily experience. They explored all the furthest caverns they could find. They unearthed new treasures from old tunnels. They extracted precious diamonds and gazed from all different angles so as to enjoy the beauty in its fullest.

This morning as I got thinking about all the ways the Psalmists delight in God, I thought, ‘Wouldn’t it be nice to see a list of the different ways the Psalmists describe God?’ So I made one.

And when I made it, I read it, and worshiped.

Just Try to Not Worship

Who Is God

Here’s my dare to you today:

  1. Download Who Is God?
  2. Print it
  3. Read it slowly with a pen. Underline / circle / annotate every time the Psalmist says something that is true about God.
  4. Remember that his God is your God — just all the more proven and faithful this side of the cross
  5. Try to not worship. It won’t work. He’s too glorious. The riches will shine and you’ll feel all the wealthier for what you’ve seen.