Yesterday I was able to blog about how through some troubles in our church life (specifically relating to our church rental situation), we have been able to see God work. He has consistently taken circumstances that people have meant for evil and worked them for good (Gen 50.20). We’ve seen it, and we’ve rejoiced.

Today I wanted to take a different look at what God is doing. Rather than seeing how God is working through the tough circumstances, I want to think about how God is continuing to work despite the circumstances.

He is so far above all our circumstances and his wisdom so much greater than our sight and his strength is so much more sufficient than we could ever imagine: It’s almost like he is working to build his church, just as if nothing else was even going on. Like a Mack truck driving over a mouse, God moves his plans forward as if there was no opposition at all (Ps 2.1-4).

We Are Rejoicing in the Ordination of Another Pastor

I’m so thankful for my brother Paul McDonald and all the ways that God has gifted him for ministry and made him a Christ-like man of integrity. This pastor-teacher-evangelist-brother is a gift to our church and we look forward to officially setting him apart to the office of ‘elder’ this coming Sunday.

The Baptism of a New Believer

God is still in the business of saving souls, and we’re witnessing his ongoing work. In just over one week we’ll have another baptism service, celebrating the effective and ongoing saving work of Jesus.

New Members Being Added

Despite the uncertainty that our future faces, God is still calling people to commit to our local assembly. This Sunday evening at our members’ meeting we’ll welcome in another member and several more are in the process. The church is growing and we are thanking God.

This Church Still Sings

As we worshiped God together in song on Sunday morning, one thought struck me a number of times: ‘Wow! It’s loud!’ And I wasn’t thinking about the amplification of instruments — I was amazed with the volume of voices lifted up in praise to God. Despite all that has been going on in our life as a church, and also in the lives of many individuals who are suffering in different ways, these people love their God. And they love to worship him with all their heart in song.

What a blessing to join them! How humbling to lead.

So What Is God Doing?

If we come at our question a different way, we could answer it like this: God is doing what he always does. He is building his church. He’s calling his people to himself. He’s proving his power and displaying his glory as he triumphs over his enemies day after day in every circumstance.

And we get to be a part of it. Hallelujah!