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Some Church Plant Updates

With the coming of a new year (2011) comes the birthing of a new church! We are excited, encouraged, and humbled as we look forward to beginning this new work in earnest this month.

During the week of January 2-8, we are committing ourselves to prayer, meeting with the people of GFC West every day during the Week of Prayer. On Sunday, January 9, GFC West will hold a commissioning service, in which I will be sent, along with 17 other members from GFC, to officially plant a church. (18 is the total number of members from GFC, but others are joining with us who are not yet members or who are currently members of other churches as well). Our last day at GFC West will be celebrated in style — with a Fellowship Lunch!

January 16 at 10am will mark our first Sunday morning out on our own. For the time being we will meet at the home of Nabil & Tania Tadros, as we continue our search for a more permanent meeting location. We are aiming to begin small groups (Truth Application Groups) on Sunday nights in February or March.

Please pray for us!

  • Pray for me as I transition to the role of lead pastor. There are many adjustments to be made, and the learning curve is steep. Pray that God would give grace!
  • Pray for the core group coming, that they would have unity with each other, and love for the lost. Pray that they would continue to find joy in the midst of the sacrifices they are making for the church plant. Pray especially for those who are beginning new ministries.
  • Pray for provision of people, funds, and a more permanent location for us to meet.
  • By God’s grace, we have created a constitution and are awaiting approval of our request for charitable status. Please pray for the remainder of the government paperwork to go smoothly and quickly.
  • Pray for Spirit-wrought effectiveness in our evangelism. God has been gracious to give us opportunities to share the gospel lately, but only he can bring true and lasting fruit.


Want more information on the plant or on upcoming events? PleaseĀ contact me for more information.

Click here to read the church plant constitution, including statement of faith.

Click here to read more about the church plant!


  1. Guy Walker

    That's great! we need more life-giving churches!!!

  2. Jennifer Ekstrand

    Thanks for the updates. I will keep praying for the church plant.

  3. Jake Rivers

    God is good, all the time!!

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