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East Toronto Church Plant

By God’s grace, I’ve been called by the elders of Grace Fellowship Church to lead a church planting effort on the east side of Toronto. I just posted this update on the church website, so I thought I’d post it here as well.

Needless to say, I’m super-excited to see what God will do to get himself glory through such weak vessels.


A Little History

When we were in the very beginning stages of planting Grace Fellowship Church of West Toronto, back in the year 2000, I (Julian) remember hearing talk of planting another church. I remember thinking that was crazy. After all, we were such a small group! How could it be that we would think about planting?

Well, here we are 10 years later, and I’m the one that the leaders of GFC have called on to begin the work of church planting. God moves in marvellous and mysterious ways!

What’s the Plan?

We are currently in the process of assembling a core group of committed members who will come with us to establish this new work. Our hope is to begin meeting together to pray and study the Word of God. We want to think hard together about who God is calling us to be and what God is calling us to do for the sake of his gospel and his glory in the city. We will continue to worship together at Grace Fellowship Church in Rexdale until we are ready to launch out on our own.

Once the core group is established, we will begin holding Sunday morning services in addition to the prayer meeting. God willing that will begin sometime around January 2011.

What’s the Location?

We are on the hunt now for a suitable place to meet for Sunday morning worship. Our target area is somewhere around the DVP / 401 intersection, or south, toward the city a little more. If you’re familiar with the area and know somewhere suitable, feel free to suggest it to us!

In the interim, we will meet in homes of families who are involved in the work.

What Will the Church Believe?

At the core, we as a church, will aim to devote ourselves to the teaching of the apostles’ gospel, to prayer, to the ordinances which remind of Jesus, and to the fellowship of the saints. Since the gospel is the power of God for salvation, we are primarily committed to the preaching and teaching of the gospel in and through every ministry and every meeting of the church.

For further statements about what the church believes, see the founding documents of Grace Fellowship Church of West Toronto.

What is the Goal of the Church?

The goal of the church plant is to do corporately fulfill purpose for which God created all people: To glorify him by delighting in him. We aim to do this, as the church is called to do, by functioning as a pillar and buttress of gospel-truth.

Want to Know More? Want to Be Involved?

Contact us! We’d love to have you along!


  1. Darryl Dash

    This is very exciting. Praying for you!

  2. julianlfreeman

    Thanks, Darryl and Jacob!

    And thanks for the ideas, Ian. I'll look into all of that.

  3. Jacob Reaume

    Great news Julian!!

  4. John Tucker

    Great news, brother! I'm rejoicing with you over what the Lord has done, is doing and is going to do in and through you!

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