Today I’m continuing where I left off yesterday, teaching on the topic of redeeming your conversations.


What are the Benefits?
Aside from being a means of obeying the commands listed above, redeeming your conversations becomes…

  • A Means of Loving. If you are speaking what is beneficial, it is what is best for them
  • A Means of Serving. People want to talk about spiritual things and people want relationships that mean something. By re-deeming your conversations with them, you’re helping them get there. You’re serving.
  • A Means of Leading. Leading means gaining conviction, calling others to conviction, and then being the first to act on convic-tion. If you’re striving for obedience to the commands of Scripture, you’re leading.
  • A Means of Grace. 1 Corinthians 14 argues that the very best thing you can speak is not a miraculous tongue or even prophecy. What is most important is that your words edify and build up. That means your words give grace—they show people God.
  • A Means of Developing Manly Biblical Friendship. Guys bond over a common purpose (think team sports). If we never talk about our common purpose where will we develop meaningful camaraderie?
  • A Means of Encouraging Evangelism. Part of the reason we’re so scared of evangelism is because we’re scared of spiritual conversations at all. Getting our feet wet with brothers will go a long way to easing us into evangelism opportunities.
  • A Means of Cultivating Humility. It won’t be long before you feel awkward or dumb in a conversation if you’re working hard to make it meaningful. That’s great! This forces us to grow in humility. Are you in it for you or others?