This post is continuing the series I’m working through on redeeming your conversations and making them valuable.

You can read part 1 and part 2 before reading this, if you’d like some background.


Learning to Be Intentional… Even If Awkward
We can learning from Pilgrim’s Progress:

‘Well, neighbour Faithful, let us leave [that topic of conversation], and talk of things that more immediately concern ourselves. Tell me now what you have met with in the Way as you came: For I know you have met with some things, or else it may be writ for a Wonder.’

Or in the Enchanted Land:

‘“Now then, said Christian, to prevent drowziness in this place, let us fall into good discourse.” “With all my heart,” said [Hopeful]. “Where shall we begin?” “Where God began with us…”.’

These are just a few examples. Christian was determined to redeem the time of his journey with conversation that would be spiritually beneficial for all. He was determined enough to take the conversation there, even when no ‘natural’ segue-way presented itself.

Sometimes we get frustrated in our attempts to redeem conversations and talk about spiritual things because we’re always waiting for the perfect opportunity to naturally transition the conversation. In reality, though, if we believe that redeeming conversations is worth it, sometimes we need to just swallow our pride and make the transition, even if it does seem awkward for a moment.

The momentary awkwardness will pass. The blessing is what will last.