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TPF 2008-2009: Free Download of All the Sermons for Pastors

The Toronto Pastors Fellowship has come to a close for another season, and the Toronto Pastors Conference is just about to get rolling!

While the TPF page has a media library where you can download all the free sermons and papers for pastors, it can at times be cumbersome to have to download so many files. So I thought I’d put them all in one place for you.

Now, just download the zip file below, open it up and you’ve got MP3 files of all the messages + the Q&A sessions, all the PDFs of the papers, and all the PDF files of all the book reviews that were distributed this year. All in all, it’s a phenomenal resource.

With messages from men like Dr Michael Haykin, Dr Pierre Constant, Dr Darryl Dash, Pastors Tim Kerr, Carl Muller, Stephen Kring, and Paul Martin, and ├╝ber-blogger extraordinaire, Tim Challies, this is great link to pass along to any pastor friends you may have.



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  1. Rielly McLaren

    Where’s a recent post brah?!

    I pay good money to read this blog!

    love yah friend.

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