Pretty much any Christian who has lived for a little while as a Christian can look back at their lives and recognize that the seasons of life when they’ve known the most blessing are those seasons when they’ve been most faithful to read through the Bible. That’s certainly been the case for me!

You look at life through an altogether different set of eyes when your mind is being renewed and transformed by the word of God.

I was somehwhat surprised to find out this past week that some of my friends were still looking for a suitable Bible reading plan for 2009. I was happy to print off for them my plan, when they asked. Since there were more than one or two interested, I thought that it might be helpful to some others, so I’m going to post it here. 

There are two versions, one for reading through the Bible on your own, and one for reading through the Bible with your spouse.

While there are certainly myriads of Bible reading plans out there, I’ve found this one pretty helpful. Here are some of the features of it.

  • You will find that you are reading through the OT on your own, and the NT together (if you do the couples plan)
  • OT prophets are placed in (roughly) where they would have ministered chronologically. This helps break up the monotony of reading through huge chunks of narrative and prophets, by intermixing the two. It also helps you realize the context for the prophets. 
  • The NT is organized into bodies of literature. Beginning with Luke-Acts, you read through material written for Gentile audiences. Then you read Matthew and the other books written particularly for Jews. Next there is Mark and Peter, and finally, the Johannine body of literature. 

Overall, the variety and structure helps to ‘change things up’ enough that it doesn’t feel like every other time you’ve tried to read through the Bible.

Let me know if you’ve got any questions / comments / suggestions for improving the plan for next year!