“Good Friday” is so-called because it is good. Why is it good? Because on this day God accomplished the greatest good that the world will ever know.

On this day God reconciled his own people to himself, even though we were still his enemies; we hated him, rebelled against him, and had no hope and no ability to change our ways or bring ourselves to him. But because of what he did, we are counted righteous! We are forever blessed in him, because he suffered for us.Isn’t it interesting that God accomplished the absolute greatest good out of what was the absolute greatest evil the world will ever know? The only one who was ever truly innocent, we judged guilty. The only one who was ever “from God,” we said, “he has a demon,” and we sought to kill him. The only one who was truth, we called a liar. In our unrighteousness and hatred of all that is good and peaceful, we put him to death in an act of rage.  

The world never knew an evil like this. But here’s the kicker: It pleased God. It was his will.

Christ had to die to bear our transgressions and iniquities. He had to suffer the penalty that was due us for us to be made alive to God… so God was pleased to do it.

Christ did it for the joy that was set before him. Jesus bought his people with his own blood, to reconcile them to God so that we might behold his glory.

God’s purposes are clearly beyond what we are able to comprehend. On this day, about one thousand nine hundred seventy-some-odd years ago Jesus’ disciples were distraught–to say the least. Those who loved him were heartbroken.

How could the innocent die? How could such evil have happened? How could GOD let this happen? Doesn’t he know what he’s doing? Isn’t he all-powerful? Isn’t he good? Isn’t he sovereign?

“Good Friday” answers the problem of evil. God willed the greatest evil of all time so that he could accomplish the greatest good the world would ever know: Purchasing a people for himself, for his own glory.

What a wonderful Saviour!