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Ants in the Kitchen

This morning I saw ants in the kitchen. I won’t say where… but it wasn’t it my home (thankfully!). My first thought, naturally, was disgust and repulsion. I saw them crawling all over a little section near the back of the counter and shuddered. I can’t stand when ants get inside.

Since there appeared to be no Raid around, I decided to ignore them. Besides, they weren’t near the coffee mug I had brought in to wash in the sink, so they shouldn’t really bother me. But then, when I started to wash my mug, I looked down and there was one of those little pests, crawling around in the sink! Without a second thought I filled my mug with water and sent that ant a-swimming down the drain.

About 10 seconds later another thought hit me. Proverbs 6.6-8 says this:

Go to the ant, O sluggard; consider her ways, and be wise.
Without having any chief, officer, or ruler,
she prepares her bread in summer and gathers her food in harvest.

I remembered that and began to think this: How hard must it have been for those ants to get in here? I’m sure they’ve worked really hard for a long time to get where they are! And who told them to? No one, of course. They have no leader, no boss, but they are wise and work hard as long as they can, for the sake of the cause. 

But here’s the thing: What is it really worth? If an ant is found in the wrong place at the wrong time he gets trapped, sprayed, poisoned, or washed down a sink. He loses everything… for the sake of gaining pretty much nothing. But for his cause, he was willing to work–and to work hard, at that!

That was a good reminder for me this morning to get going with the day’s work. How much more do I have to work for! I actually have a Master who will call me to account. And unlike the ant kingdom, the kingdom of Christ really is worth dying for.

How much more shameful, then, if one of those little ants out-works me today…


  1. RKF

    If that WAS your kitchen, I’d hate to hear about it first on your blog … 🙂

  2. derifter

    As the little guy (or girl) was going down the drain, I have to wonder if he had Ecclesiastes 1 on his mind:

    “What profit hath a man (or an ant) of all his labor which he taketh under the sun?”

    Vanity of vanities, all is vanity!

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