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Plagiarizing God

We are copycats. In one sense, we can’t help it. We were created to be image bearers, reflecting the likeness of the one who designed us.

But you don’t have to live long before you learn that there are respectable kinds of copying and there are dishonest kinds. If I’m writing out a thought, for example, and cite the authors and sources that inspired me, I honour them. If, however, I use someone else’s work and don’t give them credit then I am an idea-thief and I dishonour the original writer.

Gospel on Prime-Time TV

Hasn’t it ever struck you as funny that the TV shows and movies which make the biggest impact sound somewhat familiar? From Jack Bauer to Batman, hero after hero must sacrifice himself in a noble way, be misunderstood, and ultimately ‘die’ alone. (In the case of Batman, he even ‘rises again’ as we’re about to see in theatres.)

Even the recent conclusion of the TV series House, MD wrapped up with none other than the oft-misunderstood Gregory House ‘laying down his life for his friend.’ And this is supposed to be original? For those who endured the four seasons of the should-have-been-one-season series Prison Break, you saw that in the end the hero (who already had to enter into his brother’s prison to save him) finally had to pay the ultimate price and give his life for his friends.

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Update / Info on Fireproof Showing in Toronto

fireproof-poster-kirk-cameronA quick update on the showing of Fireproof here in Toronto on Valentine’s Day. 

  • Where?
  • When? 
    • Saturday, February 14, 2009
    • Doors open at 7pm, movie begins at 8pm
  • Who?
    • All are welcome, but you must register first
    • Please register by sending an e-mail to Judy Vandekemp
  • How Much?
    • The cost of admission is free, but a freewill offering will be taken; all proceeds will go to Focus on the Family
  • What Else?
    • The Love Dare book and the Fireproof movie on DVD will be available for sale (pay by cash or cheque only)

This is a great opportunity to view and to purchase the movie. Please remember to register ahead of time!

Fireproof Playing in Toronto

Kirk Cameron Stars in Fireproof the MovieSome time ago I had the privilege of seeing the movie Fireproof with Stacey and our friends Tim and Aileen. We had a blast when we saw it (and not just because of the company!).

After we saw it, Tim reviewed the movie and I offered a non-review here as well. Since that time there have been all kinds of inquiries about how to see this movie in Canada. Well, I am thrilled to let you know (in case you haven’t heard) that you can now order the DVD online or in buy it in stores

If you prefer to see the movie in a theatre-type setting, with lots of other people, you can come out on Valentine’s Day to Covenant Reformed Church here in Rexdale (see map below). 

The church will be showing this movie for free (but a freewill offering will be taken up). This is a great movie to see with your spouse, boyfriend / girlfriend, or even a group of friends if you want to be edified and challenged regarding your beliefs about marriage. It will fuel some good discussion on what needs to improve in your marriage too, if you’re willing (husbands!).

Another great idea would be to get some unbelieving friends to come see the movie. The gospel presentation in this movie is quite good as well, so don’t shy away from bringing whatever unbelieving friends you can. What better to invite someone to than a free movie?

Here is the map to the church:

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Fireproof, the Movie

If you live in the States, this will be of particular interest to you. If you, like me, live in Canada… then it may or may not be. 

The move titled Fireproof (website, Challies dot com review) will be released all throughout the States (but apparently not in Canada) in two weeks. I was able to go preview this movie with TIm back in July–and thoroughly enjoyed it.

I’ll be the first person to say that I was not expecting much. I was expecting even less when I heard that all the actors in the movie were volunteers and amateurs (i.e. they are not paid for acting in this movie). I expected less still when I heard that the movie company was started by a church. But when the movie began, I was very pleasantly surprised.

The action scenes were phenomenal–especially given the budget with which the film was made. The acting was quite good through most of the movie (although, admittedly, some of the secondary characters were noticeably amateur). The plot was somewhat predictable, but intriguing nonetheless, and there are one or two great little twists that make it just that much more of a tear-jerker by the end.

I’m no movie critic, but really, neither are you if you’re reading this, so take my word for it: this is a great date movie. Take your significant other out and enjoy this movie. It ties marriage and our need for Christ together quite well. Even the gospel presentation is remarkably well done, considering it’s context in a movie.

Check out the trailer below.

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