Friendship Quotes — Part 4

Continuing on our series with quotes from Hugh Black’s book, Friendship. This time, I’m offering a series of longer, connected quotes. In this section, Black has finished arguing for the limitations of human friendship. He has lamented these shortcomings, but now turns his attention to the theocentric reason for these built-in limitations to human relationships. I find this absolutely fascinating. Although, for the record, there is more than one point in here where Black just about blatantly plagiarizes Augustine. But hey, Augustine lived before copyrights existed anyway, so whatever. So the human heart has ever craved for a relationship, deeper Continue reading

Friendship Quotes — Part 3

Here are some more great quotes from Hugh Black’s classic, Friendship. The disputatious person for this reason never makes a good friend. In friendship men look for peace, and concord, and some measure of content. There are enough battles to fight outside, enough jarring and jostling in the street, enough disputing in the marketplace, enough discord in the workaday world, without having to look for contention in the realm of the inner life also. There, if anywhere, we ask for an end to strife. Friendship is the sanctuary of the heart, and the peace of the sanctuary should brood over Continue reading

Friendship Quotes – Part 2

Here are some more great quotes on friendship from Hugh Black’s book, Friendship. A faithful friend can be trusted not to speak merely soft words of flattery. It is often the spectator who sees most of the game, and, if the spectator is at the same time keenly interested in us, he can have a more unbiased opinion than we can possibly have. There is nothing so important as the choice of friendship; for it both reflects character and affects it. A man is known by the company he keeps. This is an infallible test; for his thoughts, and desires, Continue reading

Friendship Quotes – Part 1

I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to preach a series of messages on friendship at our church. As part of my study, I’ve been enjoying a book simply entitled Friendship by Hugh Black, published by Joshua Press. Here are some of the quotes that I’ve enjoyed: ‘The religious life, in spite of all the unnatural experiments of monasticism and all its kindred ascetic forms, is pre-eminently a life of friendship. It is individual in its root, and social in its fruits. It is when two or three are gathered together that religion becomes a fact for the world. The joy Continue reading


When our TAG (‘Truth Application Group’) finished up last week we were sharing with each other what we had learned through the group and during the time period of the group. For me, the answer had several parts, but one of the main things that I’ve been thinking about since we started meeting (and one of the things that’s been the greatest blessing to my heart!) is the topic of fellowship. Too many people use the word and never think about what it means. ‘Fellowship’ is roughly synonymous with ‘participation’; in fact, one Greek word is translated as either ‘fellowship’ Continue reading


I love our church. So does my pastor. A while ago he posted 34 things he loves about our church. One Sunday night, when the weather was nice and the service had been over for more than an hour, and people were still hanging around talking to each other outside (because those of us responsible for locking the building had kicked them out), I began to wonder to myself if a church could ever get to a place where her people love each other too much. I suppose in one sense, that could happen. If our love for each other Continue reading

It’s a Wonderful Life

The end of the school semester is almost upon us. The end of 2006 is almost upon us.The season when people like to reflect on the year that was, and ponder their life in the year to come is just beginning. As I was getting ready for bed last night I got to thinking… I have been so incredibly blessed. In so many ways I’ve received infinitely (and that’s not even exaggerating a little bit) better than what I have deserved. I have been blessed with the chance to be in a church that is dedicated to teaching the Scriptures, Continue reading