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It seems that the Psalms are the centre of much attention in evangelicalism in North America these days. The Psalms is one of my favourite books, so this is exciting to me.

It has saddened me over the years to see how many Christians are somewhat unable to understand, identify with, and apply the Psalms to their own spiritual walk. This just makes me even more glad that great preachers are spending time there these days!

Here are some valuable resources:

  • John Piper has just finished up a six week study in the Psalms at Bethlehem Baptist. You can download those messages for free here. I recommend beginning with the first one because Dr Piper gives some insight into the Psalms in general before jumping into the text of Psalm 1.

  • At Covenant Life Church, they’ve taken a team approach to teaching a series on the Psalms. Stacey and I were blessed by Greg Somerville’s message when we visited the church back in May. You can see a listing of the sermons available for free download or for streaming here.

  • Bob Kauflin‘s ‘Worship God ’08’ conference that is coming up will focus on the Psalms as well. Perhaps the most fantastic thing about this is that they’ll be releasing a new CD in conjunction with this conference.

I’m hoping to post some more of my own thoughts on how the Psalms ought to be interpreted and applied to the hearts and lives of Christians in the next few days.


  1. David

    Brother, I am so looking forward to your thoughts on the Psalms. The whole Word of God is for the Christian and I love great preaching from the OT and how it ties into the history of redemption and Christ, it helps me to know Christ better and informs me as to how I should read the OT. Thanks for the resources you listed as well, I will check them out.

    praying for you,

    David the Twin

  2. David

    Loved the Piper sermons on the Psalms..he should write a book or something 🙂

    David the twin

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