There was a time in my Christian life when I thought little of the Trinity. I knew the concept, but contemplated the unity of the three persons and the uniqueness of the three persons very little. In retrospect, I can hardly believe how foolish that was, and how much of the sheer awesomeness of God I was missing out on. Over the next few days I just want to reflect on some things I’ve learned and come to delight in about the three members of the Holy Trinity.

It is only appropriate to begin with the Father.

I remember taking a course not too long ago with Bruce Ware (author of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit). Through that course the Spirit really opened my eyes to the glory of God the Father. I think too often in Christian circles we can think of the Father as aloof or angry. Or sometimes we take him for granted. The false reasoning goes like this: ‘We’ve always had him. But the Spirit is so New Covenant! And Jesus is just like us… we can identify easier with him.’

How mistaken and how tragic!

It is ironic that in our rush to make much of Jesus, we forget that his mission was to bring us to the Father. He taught us to pray in his name to the Father. At the end, he will hand over all things to the Father. Jesus makes much of the Father — so why would we who want to make much of Jesus make little of what he made much of? If we truly want to honour Jesus, we must honour the Father.

It is too easy to forget that it was a display of the Father’s love that sent Christ into the world for us (John 3:16). It is too easy to overlook the fact that the Father has planned our salvation from eternity past, that all of what he accomplishes in us might be to the praise of his (the Father’s!) glory (Eph 1.3-14; Eph 3.20-21). It is the Father’s wise plan which has been brought to bear for our salvation. It was his love that was set on us. It was his Son who was crushed for us. It is his Spirit who indwells us now, bearing with us, sustaining us until the end.

All that to say, I’ve grown to love the Father as a unique member of the Triune Godhead. He is the Initiator, the Planner, the one who hears our prayers, and the Sovereign One who gives direction to the Son and the Spirit for the accomplishment of my salvation.

Here are a few other thoughts I’ve had on the Father over the last couple years:

I know that I will spend the rest of eternity contemplating, exploring, and delighting in the Triune God — but I pray that however much time God gives me here on earth would be spent on getting a head start now.


** This is written as part of the series 30 for 30: Reflections on Life at My 30th Birthday **