What if I told you that you could help us in the work of evangelizing our community? And what if I told you that it wouldn’t take a huge time commitment, cost you any money, or even necessitate you moving away from your desk at work? What if I told you there was a way you could be encouraged to evangelism and equipped for evangelism from the seat that you’re in right now?

I have both an idea and a resource that I would like to offer you.

An Idea: Twitter-vangelism

Here’s an idea on how you can partner with us as we try to bring the gospel to the Don Mills neighbourhood in Toronto: follow Paul McDonald on Twitter. Paul is out on the streets every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday sharing the gospel with people in our community. Whenever he’s out speaking with people about Jesus he tweets prayer requests.

If you follow him you’ll be able to partner with us by praying for real people in real-time as they hear the good news of Jesus. You will also be reminded to pray for Paul — which is a huge blessing to him and to us as a church.

A Resource: Blog-Training

Here’s another resource that I’m eager to share with you — and again, it is from Paul McDonald (full disclosure: Paul is co-pastor with me at Grace Fellowship Church).

One of the things Paul regularly features on his blog, Good News for Toronto, is some reflection on his encounters with people he meets and shares the gospel with.

Through reading these reflections I find myself being better prepared to share the gospel with people from various backgrounds. I also find my heart moved to pray for the lost in our city. And along with both of those things I find that I’m just so consistently encouraged by Paul’s faithfulness to carry out the great commission in our local context.

So whether it’s to equip and motivate yourself to evangelism, to be moved for the lost, or to be encouraged by the faithfulness of others, you should definitely go check out Good News for Toronto.