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You Play Kirk Wellum

What are the most pressing issues facing the church in our current day? What theological and doctrinal problems will we see coming to the forefront in the coming decade? What are the errors that we most need to confront in our preaching and teaching ministries today? What issues do pastors in particular and Christians in general need to be aware of, informed in, and ready to give an answer on?

Any thoughts?

Those are the questions we asked Kirk Wellum, Principal of the Toronto Baptist Seminary, to answer at this Monday’s meeting of the Toronto Pastors Fellowship.

So go ahead, play the role of Kirk Wellum: Why don’t you give me some of your answers and we’ll see on Monday how closely they line up with Kirk’s insights once the paper is presented on Monday.


  1. Nick Hill

    Here is something relevant to the discussion, a video interview with J.I. Packer on Theological Training:

    The biggest theological issues coming up I think will be the inerrancy of Scripture and the doctrine of justification by faith alone (e.g. New Perspective).

    I think we need more faithful pastors who expound the Word and contextualize the gospel to a post-Christian society.

  2. Nick Hill

    And pluralism. This will challenge our belief in Christ’s exclusivity.

  3. Dave

    I still don’t think he has much to say.

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