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Interesting Comparisons

It was quite a delight when Nana recently loaned me some old photos of me as a baby at our family cottage. It was even more of a delight to compare me bathing in the cottage sink to my daughter (25 years later!) bathing in the same sink!

Of course, as baby photos often do, these ones sparked some other interesting comparisons in my mind. These two are of me and my favourite nephew, Wes. Both of us seem to like chocolate.

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Susannah Lynn Freeman

At 9.53am on Sunday, November 19, 2006, my awesome wife delivered what I happen to think is the world’s most beautiful baby girl. She was born about 55cm (22 inches) long and weighed in at about 3.6kg (7lbs 15oz).

The labour was long, hard, and not at all what we expected, but Stacey and I can both testify to God’s wonderful grace being with us through the whole experience… and as soon as we heard her first cry, it was all worth it.

Here is some photo evidence:

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