There are eight things I love to see in guys; nine which garner my full respect.

1. The guy who does what he should–all the way

A guy who is faithful in all the little things is hard to find. This guy simply knows his job at work, his role at home, his place in church, and all the tasks that go along with them. And he brings those tasks to completion. He is reliable, and he has my respect.

2. The guy who consistently does what he didn’t need to

This is a guy who goes above and beyond. He offers words of encouragement and timely phone calls. He offers apologies for the smallest things that twinge his conscience. He seeks to draw out people that he didn’t need┬áto love. He is thoughtful and caring, and he has my respect.

3. The guy who really romances his wife

This guy doesn’t date his wife because it’s the cool Christian thing to do. He really knows her and continues to woo her and surprise her. He takes initiative in planning evenings at home, dates and conversations. He works hard to make her swoon, he shows me what ‘Christ and his bride’ looks like, and he has my respect.

4. The guy who is a good friend

A guy who remembers what you’ve told him and upholds you in prayer. A guy who is willing to hold you accountable, not just at your weekly accountability meetings, but with all of life. He is faithful, loyal, and willing to have tough conversations and make meaningful observations into my life. He has my respect.
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