One thing I’ve grown to appreciate over the years is Christians who are able to take the grandest truths and the most profound mysteries of the Christian faith and express them in new and deep ways. In particular, I have a love for men & women who are able to communicate to me the mystery of Jesus: God become man; the meeting place of the Infinite and the finite; Immortal, Invisible, King, yet fully human, seen and touched, the Servant of all. I simply love reading authors and listening to singers who have had–and then give us–glimpses of Jesus.

One such singer I’ve appreciated over the years is Fernando Ortega. This past Christmas season I enjoyed listening to his Christmas CD again, and in particular, I was struck by the glorious mysteries of Christ expressed in the old hymn ‘Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silence.’

Here’s a video of the song. I hope that it gives you a glimpse of your Lord and your God (John 20.28).