Freed to live through the death of another.

People Are Dying… and No One Seems to Care

Can you imagine a scenario where people in some far off country are being systematically wiped out? Imagine millions of people being killed by the government and the news of it being hushed, downplayed, and spun by the media so that the massacre can continue.

It sounds tragic, right?

Now imagine that the conspiracy was uncovered, the statistics of death made public, and the ugly truth of the killing of innocent people in government run and funded processes was exposed…. There would be outrage, right? Calls to reform? We would storm in with vitriol, passionate to save the lives of the innocents and to restore justice for the weak who are being eliminated! Right?

You would think that would be the case. Unless the tragedy is happening in Canada and the people being killed are not really people… because they’re babies.

According to our country’s criminal code, unborn babies are not classed as ‘human’ and therefore anyone in our country can do anything they like to unborn babies. Any abortion, any time, any means. Even a bullet from a gun.

One brave MP, Stephen Woodworth, has brought forward Motion 312 in an attempt to evaluate that law (which excludes unborn babies from being classed as ‘human’) and possibly change it. Every major political party has denounced this action.

Our MPs need to hear from those who care that unborn children ought to be protected under law the same way we are. They need to hear from you. With the lives of millions of unborn children in the balance, silence is not an option and ignorance is not an excuse. We Canadians must speak up.

Here’s what you should do. Go to, sign up for their list, and get involved. All the information you need to join the cause is given there. You don’t have to do any research. You just have to care enough to sign up and make your voice heard.

Let’s not be those people who stand by passively or throw up our hands in defeat while humans are dying when it is in our power to do something about it. Jesus didn’t.

Silence is not an option PASS 312 from OpenEye Creative Lab. on Vimeo.

What location is this video describing? See if you can guess before the mid point.


  1. @Pass312

    Thanks for supporting Pass312! It's only through word of mouth among Canadians that we'll make progress.

  2. Sarah VH

    Ditto. Nice to see you on board, Julian!

  3. Amy

    Thanks for the heads up for this Canadian. I will be passing this information along. One thing I'd like to mention though – the Christian Heritage Party is the only party in Canada that has taken a strong and vocal stance against abortion and euthenasia

  4. hisgracemygrowth

    Finally we are talking about Canada! Everything is about the States, but Canada's laws regarding abortion have been unthinkable for a long time now. But no one says boo. Can we all decide right now to raise our voices?! Is it not our mandate to open our mouths for the mute?!
    Thank you for this post!

  5. hespelerbaptist

    Thanks for posting this Julian. I do have a question, from one pastor to another: are you pursuing this as an individual or as a church? If as a church, what ways are you going about encouraging people to be involved?


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