Wednesday night at GFC we had our monthly meeting for the men and the women. Usually our Wednesday night meetings are times for the whole family, with our kids program in full swing. On the first Wednesday of every month, however, we have a meeting where we aim to build relationships between the men and between the women.

In the past we’ve separated the two groups from the beginning and had separate studies on biblical manhood and womanhood. This year (since September) we’ve mixed it up a little and kept everyone together to study some issues that relate to all of us and how we relate to each other as men and women. These times have been quite beneficial.

This past Wednesday, since Paul was sick and unable to teach, we took a break from teaching and took some extended periods of time to read Scripture publicly and to meditate on the truths that we had read as we responded in song (thanks to Joshua for his extra work!). We sang lots, and read lots of Scripture, which was a tremendous blessing. 

But the part that I just about always find to be the greatest blessing is spending time in corporate prayer. What a blessing to be able to pray with God’s people! What an encouragement to hear them intercede for me and for each other!

Of course, one of the greatest hindrances to praying for your brothers and sisters is simply not knowing how to pray for them. Here is the handout that we used on Wednesday to spur us on to pray biblically. It’s simply a small collection of Paul’s prayers from the New Testament. Reading through passages like this really does help you to realize Paul’s priorities–and what our priorities in prayer should be as well!

I hope this might be of some value to you, as it has been to me: 

How Should I Pray for My Brothers and Sisters?