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Only because I couldn’t refrain…

Normally I leave the political blogging up to people like my friends Shameer, tomgee, or Ian, who know what they’re talking about. Tonight I couldn’t resist, though. Paul Martin (not to be confused with Paul W. Martin) is a dangerous, dangerous man.

While watching the leaders’ debate tonight, one issue that stuck out to me in particular was the issue of the charter and the notwithstanding clause. Now, come down wherever you will on the issue of whether or not marriage is a “right” that can be defined by anyone, the notwithstanding clause is of fundamental importance when it comes to our democracy. The ones making the decisions on the legislation and governance of this country must be elected officials in order for there to be any semblence of accountability (not that we’ve had that recently either though).

If the final decision on issues of morality lies always in the hands of appointed judges and courts rather than elected officials, what hope is there for the people to ever change their country? All other issues aside, I think it is absolutely essential to vote Conservative this election, if for no other reason than to protect the ability of the people to determine the morals and standards that our country should be ruled by. To vote in the Liberals again is to chart a very dangerous course for our country’s future.

If we, as Christians, don’t demand accountability for the moral decisions of our leadership… who do we think will??


  1. Ian

    Good post Julian, I agree with you about the issue of the not-withstanding clause. Martin and the Liberals continually want to take away true Canadian rights in favour of social “rights” that are really another form of state control.
    With judges appointed by the government (instead of elected, ala the States), all power lies in the hands of the courts. This is a crying shame.
    The not-withstanding clause is a step in the right direction, but the Canadian people need a greater say in the affairs of this country.

  2. Brad


    I too watched the leaders debate, and i agree with you. I do not think the notwithstanding clause should be removed from our charter, but let’s not pretend there are only two parties to in our system, there is an alternative to both the Liberals and Conservatives. Vote the Christian way, vote NDP!

    Just kidding, but i get sick of Christians pretending the COnservatives are the only choice for Christians, so i thought i would throw something out there. In any case, my vote will be going to the NDP.

  3. Ian Vaillancourt

    Hey Julian,

    This is my first visit to your blog, and assuredly not the last. This looks really good.

    I watched about 45 mins of the leadership debate, although it was interrupted by my son’s fussyness (I was on patrol while mom napped). Between the diaper changes, the bouncing, laughing at him going cross-eyed trying to look at his tongue, and the silly songs I was singing, I heard a bit of the debate and heavily favoured the Conservatives and Stephen Harper. Due to the aforementioned circumstances, I didn’t even catch the important issue you blogged about.

    One question: what is Harper’s positon on the privitisation of health care? Not that that’s a front-running issue, but it is a consideration.

    One thought: due to the chaos around me (caused by one nine pound bundle of energy), I was not fully concentrating, and was certainly not in ‘critical thinking mode’. In the midst of this Jack Layton’s communication abilities stood out loke a sore thumb – he is by far the superior communicator of the four men. People can make fun of the repeated, ‘there is a third choice’ as much as they want to, but they remember it! Not that I’d actually vote NDP, but as a preacher it was interesting to take something in while not being able to think critically. Just a thought.

    I should run now. Trying to read a technical commentary while tired is not bearing as much fruit as I would like it to; but it’ll bear more fruit than surfing the net.

    In Christ, Ian.

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