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News on the Release of Fireproof in Canada

Finally, some good news on the release of Fireproof, the movie, in Canada. The following was submitted by Greg McCombs:

Good news for the Canadian release of Fireproof. The Canadian Marriage & Family Network along with several partner organizations is helping to bring Fireproof to a Canadian church near you. Sony Pictures has rejected a theatrical release but is releasing the movie to Canada through the Church. We will begin with pre-screenings in early December and January and release the movie through church kits in late January and beyond. We are praying the movie will have lasting impact through the follow up small group material as well as the Love Dare book that is featured in the movie. If you are interested in hosting a pre-screening your church please contact Greg McCombs at and let me know where in Canada you are and the potential number of leaders/pastors/staff and spouses that could attend. This could have a profound impact on the marriages of our country.

This is good news indeed! Please contact Greg for all followup questions.

In other Fireproof news, the DVD is set for release on January 27. You can preorder from here. Enjoy!


  1. Chisso


  2. LIsa Thomas

    Yes, that is good news! And I just received word that the DVD will be released on January 27, 2009! Pre-orders are available at, among other sites as well, I’m sure.

  3. Joe

    Wonder why they won’t release the movie in Canadian theatres?

  4. dan

    My prayer is that it will be pre released to the Churches in Canada before Christmas, as it would be a wonderful New Years Evening Church event, as Canadian Marriages can emabark on a year of Change and Growth and commit to Renew their Love for Each Other, instead of just fellowshipping it would be a time of Renewal and Committment.

    It does hit me hard that the movie is not going to show in the Theatres, as it is now exclusive to the church audience, whereas if one unreached person saw the movie at the theatre and changed his/her life it would be worth it all. It is hard enough to get the unreached into a church with all the stigma.

    I know that the Work of God will sweep Canada also, as God is no respector of persons.

    Let’s take this to God in Prayer, Prayer still changes things.


  5. Daniel

    Good hear! Bring it home to Winnipeg!

  6. M.Bourque

    My ex-wife told me about this movie. Does anyone know if it is being shown in Toronto?

  7. Jo

    This movie is out on dvd…I ordered it through I haven’t received it yet as I ordered it on January 20th…but I expect it will be here shortly. This website accepts paypal too so that made it easy.

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