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Kerux’s Cleezer is… CUTE?!

So, you’d think a guy who blogs this much about his ‘manly’ truck would avoid referring to it as ‘cute’ wherever possible.

Well, Kerux is just full of surprises. The other day he called me to come help him put this cap on his truck, which I was glad to do. Afterward, however, I was quite surprised when we went inside and his wife mentioned that Cleezer just wasn’t quite as ‘cute’ with the cap.

That’s fine. No big deal. Women get confused about such things. They think all kinds of things are ‘cute’ or ‘fun’ that guys just wouldn’t describe that way.

The thing that floored me is that Kerux agreed! Which, of course, implies that he did indeed think his truck was cute before (and since it was more cute before, that implies that there is still some element of cuteness present)! To my even greater surprise, he was disappointed that his ‘truck’ (can we still call it that now?!) is no longer quite so cute, thus implying that having his truck be cute is obviously what he is aiming for.

Now that is disturbing. At least Derifter was offended when I referred to his little red S-10 as ‘pretty.’ Maybe Derifter needs to talk to Kerux.

Just for the record, I think that The Cleez is a beauty of a truck that I would be proud to be seen in (as Kerux is, in this picture). This comment is not a knock on the Cleez as much as a question about her owner. 🙂


  1. DErifter

    You like life on the edge, don’t you.

  2. darrin

    Ok…I come to see this post talking about manliness and out of nowhere pops this little icon next to your URL that’s the same shape as a toilet seat in a public washroom….upon further investigation I realize it’s the Habs logo….Julian, I’m not sure how anyone with that logo on their site can criticize anyone else about manliness!!! And here I thought you wuz different…

    (sorry to go off on a tangent but someone had to say something!)

  3. kerux

    The DR brings up an interesting point.. but I shall pass that by for now.

    Now, as to the manliness of myself and the Cleeze.

    1. You never heard me say that the Cleeze was “cute” or “not cute.”

    2. You must never come to my house again as you have spoken ill of Mrs. Kerux

    3. Your constant borrowing of the said Cleezer is now cut off indefinitely. She will be too hurt to hear she is not manly.

    4. There is no #4, but I did not want to be accused of leveling a “preacher’s 3.”

    Thank you.

    P.S. Lucky for you that my RSS Reader was tanked all day so that I only saw this now… otherwise there might have been some truck tracks on your lawn.

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