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Fireproof, the Movie

If you live in the States, this will be of particular interest to you. If you, like me, live in Canada… then it may or may not be. 

The move titled Fireproof (website, Challies dot com review) will be released all throughout the States (but apparently not in Canada) in two weeks. I was able to go preview this movie with TIm back in July–and thoroughly enjoyed it.

I’ll be the first person to say that I was not expecting much. I was expecting even less when I heard that all the actors in the movie were volunteers and amateurs (i.e. they are not paid for acting in this movie). I expected less still when I heard that the movie company was started by a church. But when the movie began, I was very pleasantly surprised.

The action scenes were phenomenal–especially given the budget with which the film was made. The acting was quite good through most of the movie (although, admittedly, some of the secondary characters were noticeably amateur). The plot was somewhat predictable, but intriguing nonetheless, and there are one or two great little twists that make it just that much more of a tear-jerker by the end.

I’m no movie critic, but really, neither are you if you’re reading this, so take my word for it: this is a great date movie. Take your significant other out and enjoy this movie. It ties marriage and our need for Christ together quite well. Even the gospel presentation is remarkably well done, considering it’s context in a movie.

Check out the trailer below.


  1. Tim Challies

    I just skimmed your review, but did you mention that you were crying like a little girl by the end of it?

  2. Julian Freeman

    At least I wasn’t scribbling in a notebook ‘for my review’ in order to hold back my true emotions, Tim! 🙂

  3. jaspermom

    It is truly about time a movie came out boldly proclaiming the value of covenant marriage and unconditional love–not degrading it like most movies. And it’s in a very real setting with characters you can identify with. No fluffy-stuff allowed, this is the real deal! At our pre-screening we got a copy of the Love Dare book Kirk C. uses in the film–now THAT’S a powerful resource. Have you seen it? I found it online at It has profoundly changed my marriage for the better. Grab your spouse or date and go see it!

  4. Fran

    so it’s not coming to Canada at all? not even later??

  5. mw

    Do we know of this movie is coming to Canada?

  6. Julian Freeman

    Hi all,

    Thanks for the comments and for those of you who’ve contacted me to find out about whether or not the movie is coming to Canada.

    The guy who was running the publicity / advertising end of things told me when we were in Buffalo that they had no plans to bring the movie north of the border. Now, that was back in July so things may have changed since then… but I doubt it.

    What he did say, however, is that if you contact them, there are options. If you’re able to or interested enough you could find out what’s necessary to get the film brought to a theatre near you. For that you should to go to the movie’s homepage and fish around for some options or contact info there.

    Really though, your best option is just to drive to Buffalo or somewhere near the border where you live.

  7. Tara

    I jumped for Joy at the thought that the makers of Facing the Giants made a new movie, will it be on DVD in Canada? I hope so, I am a huge fan and I live waaaaayyyyyyy up North in Canada, so I am not close to the border.

  8. Julian Freeman

    Hi Tara,

    It’s funny but I just watched Facing the Giants for the first time the other night. It’s pretty good, eh? I think this company does a remarkable job of making low-budget movies look like high-budget movies.

    As far as the movie being on DVD in Canada, I can’t see why it wouldn’t be. Even if it’s not, you can always order it on Amazon or something.

    There’s always a way. 🙂

  9. Katharine

    Hi, In my search for reviews of Fireproof I found this sight and Tara’s question. I live in Canada and my sister just purchased Facing the Giants dvd&cd soundtrack gift pack for my son’s birthday. It was in Ottawa at her local christian book store…so it is here!

  10. Traci

    I am sad to hear that there are no plans to bring this movie to Canada. There is a large population here who likes to spend money at the movies! When I heard about this movie on Praise 106.5 I was so excited to take my hubby to see it. There are so few movies to support and uplift Christians. Again, it is sad that we have to wait until the DVD goes on sale, and hope it makes it up here.

  11. Susan Taras

    We live in Canada also, and I hope this movie comes to Canada as well. There is a market for good movies in Canada and it is worth the investment to come north as well!

  12. dan

    Hello Fellow Canadians,

    This movie has already passed the movie Eagle Eye, with Shia Labouf, so it is coming…. just a matter of when.

    Prayer is the way for God to work through borders and red tape. I know that this movie will impact the world, as the nay sayers are already at work trying to stop it’s effect.

    After all that is said and done, Praise God, for when He gets behind the work of our hands, wow, Life becomes AWESOME.

    He gets all the Glory!!

    Dan in Winnipeg

  13. Laurie in Ontario

    This film I hope will come to Canada. It looks like a must see. Has anyone e mailed way of the Master and asked if it will be coming to Canada?

  14. Lisa

    It is now the end of September, does anyone know if this movie is going to be shown in Canada yet? we have quite a few people up here in Canada who would really like to see it. Too bad us Canadians don’t always get the same priveledges of movies like the Americans! I was waiting and waiting for The American Girl movie to come here close to where I live-north of Toronto- and it never did. It’s so sad when good wholesome family movies are not promoted in the theatres. It’s so difficult to find a good movie that you don’t feel guilty about watching isn’t it?

  15. Kevin

    I checked a movie website showing ALL movies to be released in major Canadian theatres from today til Dec 2010, and Fireproof is NOT mentioned AT ALL! (sigh) 🙁 …. better get that passport so i can go stateside to see the movie (bigger sigh) 🙁

  16. John

    Wait for the DVD my fellow Canadians…

  17. Leland

    We have signed an agreement to bring the movie to Winnipeg but have had trouble getting them to follow through with it. We have been told that it will happen but are at a stand still right now. You can get the movie to come to Canada if you form an action squad and commit to selling out a weekend of shows. Get Churches on board to support it. I have seen the movie and it is worth it. The best Christian movie that has been made so far.

  18. Donna-Lyne Riley

    My husband and i like to go see movie and i thought that it would be a great one too see..i own every firefighter move out there i think lol..please bring it to canada

  19. MJae

    I’m in Winnipeg and have also been watching for this movie in the listings. I would very much like to see it with my husband. Leland, who in Winnipeg is involved. How can I find out more?

  20. Debbie

    I am in Quebec Canada and would love to see the movie.Please everone keep on praying that it may come to us
    God Bless

  21. Darlene (CWO)

    I’m a huge supporter of the movie, and was eagerly waiting its arrival. I’m from Winnipeg too. Since it’s doing so well in theaters, I’m hoping that they will bring it here soon. My US friends are raving about it.

  22. Nancy

    Any update on its release in CANADA? who can be contacted to find out?

  23. Rauel

    I too am from Canada and have been reading the blog. There has to be away of speeding up the process for this movie to come here. How do I join the squad…We are 2 hours south West of Winnipeg.

  24. Kelly

    Let’s get this movie up here, I’m from Alberta and have been looking for the movie’s release in Canada, also.

  25. Nancy

    Does anyone know if it will come to CANADA? Or
    when it will be released on DVD?

  26. Irene Klatt

    OK, let us act together to bring this movie to Canada and impact our nation in a postiive way. I will buy and distribute 10 tickets for the movie to be shown in Toronto. Please connect me with others who are willing to do the same.

  27. sharon

    we need fireproff here in BC big time,to the vancouver area say like coquitlam area so if anyone can bring it here will be nice

  28. Kristy

    I just searched on and there is a paperback available for those who like to read in addition to watching movies.

  29. Lisa

    Not sure about that DVD…at least as of yet. I spent all morning looking on and other sites. Nothing for sale. Are there any plans to release/sell it?

    As for Canada, I am hoping and praying. My dear husband is working up in Winnipeg for a few weeks and would love for him to be able to see this AWESOME film.

    God bless you!

  30. Mark

    I seen the movie here in the US a few weeks ago. It is one of the best so far by Sherwood pictures, it has humor and humility,I pray that it opens the eyes and hearts of many non-Christians out there. Our fellow friends in Canada need not worry it will come to dvd very soon.

  31. Linda

    I was sooo disappointed when I heard the film was being shown in Canadian theaters. But as you say it’ll come out n DVD soon… but i’m having trouble waiting!!
    If the movie is as good, heart-warming and well Christian as I’ve heard (which I’m sure it is…. but then I haven’t seen it 🙁 ….. stupid red tape) I am really praying that it does make an impact on the lives of non-Christians!!

    God bless and keep the Faith!

  32. Lorraine

    This movie was wonderful.I hope it comes out in dvd before christmas.I will be giving it as a christmas present for my friends and family.God bless

  33. Stephanie

    This Movie is great! If you haven’t seen it, I strongly encourage you too! Does anyone know when it comes out on DVD?

  34. Greg McCombs

    Good news for the Canadian release of Fireproof. The Canadian Marriage & Family Network along with several partner organizations is helping to bring Fireproof to a Canadian church near you. Sony Pictures has rejected a theatrical release but is releasing the movie to Canada through the Church. We will begin with pre-screenings in early December and January and release the movie through church kits in late January and beyond. We are praying the movie will have lasting impact through the follow up small group material as well as the Love Dare book that is featured in the movie. If you are interested in hosting a pre-screening your church please contact Greg McCombs at and let me know where in Canada you are and the potential number of leaders/pastors/staff and spouses that could attend. This could have a profound impact on the marriages of our country.

  35. dan

    For those in Winnipeg, or Southern Manitoba, would you be willing to travel a 2hour or so trip from Winnipeg to a Small town south of Morden on the US side to see the movie. I have contacted the Theatre, they have shown the movie this weekend November 23/08 with little American support, and if we could be a blessing and commit to pack out the theatre he just might show it one more weekend.

    If you have any interest please contact me at
    and I will try and see if he can show it for us who have no opportunity to see it till after Christmas.

  36. Dave Gallucci

    I saw the movie already. My wife and I loved it …WOW… everyone needs to see it! For us Canadians, it is available in video rental store, and for sale at Christian store for only $15.00; then download it to your computer and show it to all your friends and family… for sure… it is just fantastic in every way.

  37. Teena

    My husband and I saw this movie this past weekend..its really opens yor eyes..and makes you think..I’m hoping to get the DVD and get my friends and family to see it..God bless..
    Teena in NB

  38. Glenna

    This movie is currently available in Canada via Telus Pay-Per-View and costs only $5 for a 24 hr period of unlimited viewing. Very good value for the price. We watched it twice because the first viewing we were so caught up in the plot we needed to see it again to grasp all the truths.

  39. lena

    I love this movies so very much!!!

  40. Marguie

    Has this film been dubbed into French? It is really hard to follow the film well and read the subtitles at the same time.

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