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Kirk Cameron and Ray Comfort from Way of the Master will be on ABC’s “Nightline” tonight at 11.35pm ET.

A preview of the interview can be read here.

You can watch a preview on video here.

Pray for those who’ll be seeing the show to be moved to look up the Way of the Master. Pray for God to use the testimony and witness of these two brothers to advance his kingdom for his glory. This is a wonderful opportunity for the Gospel to go forth on primetime US cable. Wow.

[HT: The Twins]

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  1. TwinsK&D

    Thanks very much Julian!!I agree 100% with the last paragraph. We can also pray that people who view the interview, will go to the web site and ‘get saved’ as well. Thanks for all the links bro, your fantastic man! 🙂 keep preaching and reading the Word!


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