Freed to live through the death of another.

Comparing Ankles

So kerux thinks he’s got it rough, eh?

Poor baby. Come on… honestly. Which one looks worse to you?

This little ankle sore?

Or this nasty POISON IVY?!!?
BTW, it is getting better even though I did not solicit sympathy for my pain via my blog.


Just for comparison’s sake, here’s my poison ivy from a few years back, just as it was breaking out.


  1. kerux

    Well, it is an unfair comparison.

    My leg is just so much better looking in tone and appearance than yours that, of course, your skin infection looks worse than my internally damaged ankle!


    Maybe you should start yelling, “Unclean!” as you walk through town…

  2. TwinsK&D

    Kerux…hahaha…unclean, very funny 🙂 Heres sympathy for you Julian…oh your ankle look sooo outch. How’d i do? 🙂 when did this happen?..Ill pray for both your feet…along with Nicks toe, I think GFC has the most feet problems that Ive heard of in a church! Maybe Satan is attacking the ‘beautiful feet’?? Uh oh, church discipline time for me…Ill be in the repentance corner.

  3. kerux

    Does no one else think it strange that
    a) Julian takes pictures of himself, and
    b) keeps them on file?

    I mean, mine was just a one off thing… apparently he is working at a jigsaw puzzle!

  4. TwinsK&D

    I do think its a conspiracy…whats really got me confused is..well…Is poison Ivy attracted to Julian or somthing???
    Maybee Julians waiting and keeping the pictures so he can do a post as he has just done?? A comparing thing…

  5. JLF

    Ah David, David, David…

    Since poison ivy is an allergic reaction some just get it worse than others. Apparently the more you get it the worse it becomes and the easier you get it… or at least I know it works that way for me.

    Don’t buy into kerux’s lies… I don’t really even know what his comment about a jigsaw puzzle meant 🙂

  6. DErifter

    Sorry, man. I gotta go with Kerux’s ankle. I bet you could get some sympathy on E-Bay though.

  7. JLF


    I love you dearly as a brother in Christ, but I think you are dead wrong on this one. Maybe you didn’t look at the pictures? 🙂

  8. DErifter

    Oh. yeah. Now that I looked at the pictures, yours looks way worse. Sorry for the misunderstanding. I don’t see what Kerux is complaining about, at least his leg doesn’t itch. Ha ha.

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