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Bob Kauflin on How to Receive Compliments

Rainer pointed me to this post by Bob Kauflin, and so I pass it on to you. It is definitely worth the read!

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  1. Mark D. Smith

    Thanks for linking to that post dude. That topic is certainly something I’ve had many convos with friends about because it’s a tricky one. That was a great post.

    Thanks for your comments on my blog too. Don’t worry, I’m not stressing about my clothes or anything lol. Just been thinking about it lots lately. I know last we talked you didn’t think too highly of Mark Driscoll, but he really does get me thinking and his videos on the Desiring God National Conference website are good stuff. …and right now I wear the same thing to church as usual…even though I do want to dress up in my baggy pants with a lil bling bling sometimes just like The Cross Movement :p hahaha kidding.

    Driscoll feels the same way about alcohol as you too! haha But I’m not post about that topic on my blog…I’m more with Piper on it anyway though.

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