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Be Cool: Be Natural

The ‘all-natural’ fad is in full-swing. Stephen Altrogge comments:

Here’s your “How To Be On the Cutting Edge of Coolness” tip for the day: get into natural stuff. It seems that if you want to earn any cool points in today’s world you need to be embracing a natural, organic lifestyle. You must buy naturally grown plants, drink shade-grown organic coffee, wear all-natural cotton garments, and maintain a natural diet that includes at least 43 servings of fruits, vegetables, and humus every day. You’re not going to get a lot of takers when you host a ‘processed’ dinner party, with lots of Velveeta cheese, Spam, and Coca-Cola on the menu. … 

Read his continued thought here

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  1. Stephen Altrogge

    Thanks for the link Julian! Tell Paul and Tim I said hey.

    Stephen Altrogge

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