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Back from Vacation

Well, I’m back from a bit of a ‘whirlwind’ vacation that wasn’t really at all like what we planned. Oh well. Here are a few of the highlights. Obviously, highlight number one was just being able to get away with my wife (although our ‘alone time’ was more limited than we had originally hoped). I would post a picture of the two of us, but I somehow think she would disapprove, so here are some other highlights.

Me and three friends from church (including Jason and Jim) went on a gruelling, 11 hour canoe trip across the whole of northern Ontario (or so it seemed to my shoulders, anyway…) that just about killed us. But it was good times together, good weather, and a beautiful display of God’s creation.

But I learned that you’re not supposed to drink the water, even if you’re very, very thirsty. There’s something called ‘Beaver Fever’ around that I had never heard of before…

Since Josh got to brag about his niece, I figured I have every right to do the same with my nephew, Wes (my brother Ryan‘s son). I still think this cute little man resembles his uncle at that age, no matter what everyone else says. 🙂 Here he is enjoying a watermelon for everything it’s worth.

And, of course, God was very gracious to us by blessing us with a gorgeous display in the skies our final night before our return to ‘the big smoke’ we call home. They’re never the same in pictures, but the skies truly do proclaim the glory of God.


  1. DErifter

    Wow, those are some gorgeous pictures of the sky! Wes is a cute little guy too.

  2. Ian

    Where’s you go?
    And what’s an 11 canoe trip?

  3. JLF

    I couldn’t help but notice that the two guys who have commented so far on this post both have water in the background in their profile pictures… funny.

    derifter: yeah… to me the cottage is almost synonymous with gorgeous sunsets like that. I can’t tell you how much I’ve appreciated over the years the fact that our cottage faces almost directly west, so we catch the sunset every night.

    Ian: sorry, 11 hour canoe trip. I’ve since edited. 🙂

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