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Free Resources for Download

I just wanted to pass along word to those of you (especially those outside the GTA) who haven’t been able to make it out to the Toronto Pastors Fellowship meetings.¬†Our media library contains all the messages (as well as the papers, in pdf format) that have been delivered at our monthly gatherings. There are also messages there from past conferences. Everything is available to download for free.

There are great messages to download from

  • D.A. Carson
  • Michael Haykin
  • Tom Schreiner
  • Stephen Wellum
  • Paul Martin
  • Tim Kerr
  • David Sitton
  • Charles Woodrow
  • Brad Powers
  • Stephen Kring
  • Alex Montoya
  • And many others!

In particular, I would like to highlight two messages that I think are particularly worth listening to, both preach by Pastor Carl Muller of Trinity Baptist Church in Burlington.

First is a message he preached at the 2007 Pastors Conference on the topic of ‘Balance in Ministry.’ This is an excellent admonition to pastors to maintain a close watch on their life and doctrine, and to keep a large perspective on all of life and ministry.

The second is the message he just preached at the past meeting of the Toronto Pastors Fellowship. It is called, ‘Pastor, Serve the Weak: Minister to the sick, elderly, and dying.‘ It is a phenomenal reminder to pastors that this part of our job is not a burden, but a blessing; it is an essential element of shepherding, and one that must not be neglected.

If you are a pastor, want to be a pastor, or know a pastor, these are great messages for you to hear. I recommend them all!

Listing of Tom Schreiner’s Sermons Online

While several have made admirable attempts to catalogue all the free online D.A. Carson sermons they could find, this is the first such list I’ve come across for Dr Thomas R Schreiner.

You can view the list here. Make sure that if you know of any others, you point them out in the comment section.

Free Sermons for Download

As promised, the audio recordings from the messages at this year’s SGF Pastors’ Conference is now available for free download from our SermonAudio site.

Click here to view all the messages from this year’s conference.

As previously stated, the main speaker was Dr. Tom Schreiner, author and professor at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. He was speaking to us this year on the topic of Perseverance and Assurance. It was good food for my soul!

If you are interested, last year’s messages are also available here. The speaker last year was Dr. Stephen Wellum, also of SBTS, and his topic was Substitutionary Atonement.


I’m Still Here

Believe it or not, I’m still alive and kicking. It has been a busy several months and this blog was clearly sacrificed on the altar of urgency for a time. To be honest, I’m never sure if it’s more responsible to cut the blog in order to stay on top of things better in my own life or if this blog is one of the commitments I’ve made, and therefore, I should stick with it more religiously. I don’t know that I have any clear categories for it. Either way, I’m definitely no Tim Challies (in more ways than one!).

Speaking of Tim, I was quite blessed to have the opportunity to travel with him to the Basics 2007 Pastors’ Conference. It was a good time travelling and talking with Tim. I was especially blessed by the ministry of Voddie Baucham (you can hear the message he gave here), the new friendship I was able to forge with Dr. Derek Thomas, the CDs of Getty hymns I purchased, and the hospitality of the Dunn family who put a couple of strange men (Tim and me) up in their house and made us feel like family.

All in all it was a fantastic few days.

I was back from that conference for only a few days before heading off to the Sovereign Grace Fellowship Pastors’ Conference. There I was blessed by the ministry and friendship of Dr. Thomas R. Schreiner (or ‘Tom’ to those of us who have met him). As I write this I’m working on uploading the audio from that conference, and hopefully they’ll be available to the world shortly.

All this, of course, comes right on the heels of a semester that was hectic to say the least. I’m praying for calmer times ahead that will allow for more reading, reflection, and writing on my part. If life is too busy to enjoy, then it’s too busy.

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