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It’s All New!

Is new better? I guess it can be sometimes. Hopefully you like my new page better. We’re still working out a few of the bugs, but so far, so good (at least in my humble opinion).

Feel free to offer any feedback. We’re still very flexible here.

For those of you who subscribe, you’ll want to note that the new rss feed is here. Please update your readers accordingly!

Special thanks to Ryan at Strider for helping a technical dummy like me move over to a new host and new blogging software.

Vanity ‘Wordle’ing

I thought it would be interesting to wordle my blog… I wordled the archives for each year. The top is 2005, moving along to the bottom, which is 2008 (so far). It’s interesting to note the progression of themes. I like that the things that are consistent, however, are the things I hope to major on in my thoughts and writings.

What’s up with that?

For those of you who subscribe to the rss for this site (yes, I know there are at least three of you), you’ve probably been wondering why it’s been going haywire with old articles over the past few days.

I’ve recently been investing the allotted ‘blogging’ time from my schedule to bringing over old posts that I wrote on my old blog site into this one. I’ve also been trying to take advantage of this new blogger software, which allows for posts with labels, so that things can be a tad more organized.

If you scroll down a little bit, you’ll see on the sidebar on the right, I now have a section there titled: ‘Things I’ve written about’ or something like that. I’ve never had stuff sorted into categories before, and it has been somewhat tedious and laborious (although it was quite funny to see how the posts from a couple years ago are remarkably different than the ones I’m posting now…), so hopefully it ends up being helpful to someone someday.

It’s no excuse, but…

I’ve been blogging infrequently since I’ve been back in town lately. ‘Why,’ you ask? Thanks for your concern. For one thing, it’s our ‘Autumn Week of Prayer’ at church, which has kept me out at prayer meetings every day. For another thing, I’ve started back into classes this week. Normally that’s pretty manageable… unfortunately, this year I’ve started Hebrew. Oi.

For those of you who’d be interesting in seeing something a little bit fun, check this site out. Our Hebrew Prof recommended it.

Back to the grindstone for now…

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