They exalted him on a cross. They crowned him with insults. They mocked him in the very moment that Jesus mourned for them.

The Creator appears weak. The creation claims his power.

He is silent as a lamb before its shearers. The foolish sheep slay the Shepherd who feeds them.

They cried out to him, calling on him to pray to God to save him. But Jesus prayed to God to save them, crying out to his Father as he gave his soul for theirs.

They told him if he was God to come down from the cross. He proved he was God by staying on.

They laughed at his death. He lamented their sin.

He breathed life into them. They cheered his last sigh.

He is living water. They made his blood flow.

He loved them to the end. They didn’t know who he was.

The darkness of death spread across the land so that the brightness of the light of life might fully boast its blinding beauty when it overcomes. With the dawn, the resurrection.

He is alive. I live.