In between Good Friday and Resurrection Sunday there is a day to pause and remember. Remembrance is huge in the Bible. To remember in a biblical sense is more than just recalling facts, it is re-participating-in and re-applying.

This whole weekend is a time to re-participate and re-apply the truths of what Christ has done for us in dying and rising victorious over death. This is a meditation I wrote some time ago and have adapted for this occasion of remembrance.


Psalm 77 has been precious to me over the years. As I reflect on Asaph’s experience in battling with discouragement and despair, this one thought overwhelms me: Remembrance is a means of grace.

God knows our frame. He knows that we are weak and prone to forget the most important things in the most important times. In his grace, he gives the church rites of remembrance so that we will always be forced to remember the most important things.

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