Freed to live through the death of another.

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The Greatness of the God Who Withholds to Bless

The gods of the world display their greatness by blessing their people with the treasures of the world when they are properly obeyed. If the gods are treated just right, they dispense their blessings in the form of earthly wealth and comfort.

Only the God of the Bible is big enough, glorious enough, good enough, and full enough of deep enough love to display the depths of his wisdom and the power of his goodness by withholding the world’s treasures and comforts from his people. In love he withholds. In love he disciplines. In love he shows us through loss, through trial, through rejection — through a cross — that he alone is the true treasure worth possessing.

And his grace is not for those who have worshiped him rightly, nor for those who have blessed him by obedience. His grace is for the weak; his mercy for the rebel.

Among all the gods of the world, with all their wares, our God stands alone — he stands above. He offers himself: a treasure greater, more beautiful, more exquisite than anything we have ever tasted or seen.
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