Things have been really busy at GFC lately… but busy with all the best things! We’re church planting, running a ministry for local pastors, preparing for a conference we’re putting on, in addition to doing all the normal day-to-day things of an active, healthy church. Our Lord has blessed us abundantly with things to do, so we just try to keep up!

This past Sunday we had one of our quarterly members’ meetings. As always, the members’ meeting was full of great things to give praise to God for. We had tremendous unity, we’ve been blessed with new office space that we’re loving, we’re in the process of evaluating a man for eldership as well as two men for the office of deacon, and many other things.

One of the items on the agenda that I found particularly interesting was this: We were asked to formulate a position statement as to whether or not there would be an age requirement for voting on business items at church members’ meetings.¬†

In other words, should the Lord save an 8 year-old, and if they were to become a member of the church, would they be able to vote on budget or policy issues?

I’ve uploaded a-statement-on-the-voting-age-of-members¬†that we elders drafted. Do you have any thoughts or different conclusions?