It’s Okay to Not Be Spurgeon

You don’t have to express things like Spurgeon to encourage others

If you are like most Christians, there are probably times when you think of a brother or sister who has blessed you or served the church well, and so you want to encourage them. That’s good! The word of God commands you to ‘encourage one another’ (1 Thess 5.11). That impulse is from God’s Holy Spirit.

But the problem is that oftentimes it seems silly. We think, ‘What would say to them?’ or ‘Why would they care what I have to say?’ Or sometimes actually beginning a conversation where we hope to encourage someone can seem awkward in our mind, so we just shy away from it.

Or maybe we start to think of how we could go about encouraging the person in a more tangible way… and we can’t think of anything. Sometimes we think of writing little notes… but then that seems to be too daunting.

The sad, tragic twist at the end of all of this is that now we end up feeling discouraged because we couldn’t encourage someone else… and that person is still in need of encouragement! So what’s the solution?

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