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Free Online Don Carson Sermons

Les Jumeaux posted this link a little while ago, and I immediately checked it out. It was only on my second or third perusal of the list that I realized just how much of an awesome resource this is.

Here is a listing of all the free online D.A. Carson sermons that these guys have found. They’re broken up under categories, such as ‘The New Perspective on Paul’, ‘The Emerging Church’, ‘Eschatology’, ‘The Use of the Old Testament in the New Testament’, etc. There is even this message here, in which D.A. Carson declares what Toronto needs the most.

Thanks to the twins for this head’s up!

Free Sermons

I love good preaching and I’m cheap. If you’re like me, you’ll like this site. The Canadian Carey Family Conference website has archives of sermons from lots of good guys like Carson, Bridges, John Reisinger, Steve Martin and more… They’re all free in MP3 format. Good times. Make sure to check out Carson’s series on Revelation… it is fantastic!

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