Pastor Bill Bygroves

Pastor Bill Bygroves

I just noticed today that the messages delivered at the 2008 Carey Conference have been posted on the Carey website. There is some great stuff here for you to download!

Bill Bygroves, pastor of Bridge Chapel in Liverpool, was the main speaker for the evening sessions. 

The title of the series was ‘Sacred Songs’ and each evening he preached from a psalm. He preached: (1) The Song of Blessing, (2) The Song of Hurt, (3) The Song of Guilt, (4) The Song of Unity, and, (5) The Song of Joy.

There were also seven messages preached from pastors in the Sovereign Grace Fellowship from the Gospel of John. At least six of them are worth listening to. Here they are:

  1. Brian Robinson — Water Into Wine
  2. David RobinsonHealing of the Nobleman’s Son
  3. Stephen Kring — Healing at Bethesda
  4. Kirk WellumFeeding of 5,000
  5. Glenn Tomlinson — Healing of the Blind Man
  6. Ian Vaillancourt — Raising of Lazarus
  7. Julian Freeman — The Huge Catch of Fish