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Some Reflections on My Brief Foray into Reactionary Writing

Two weeks ago today, I was frustrated. The Christian twitter / facebook / blog world was in an uproar over a controversial conference that seemed to be all-consuming to many. I let it get to me too.

So on that particular day, I gave in to my frustration, and I posted a controversial blog post. Whether or not it was right, it was emotionally charged and reactionary. And a couple of my friends reminded me that that’s not who I am, so I deleted the post.

Since then I’ve been thinking a little bit about that little ‘foray’ into reactionary / controversy-stirring kind of blogging. Here are some of my thoughts as I’ve reflected.

1. Things rarely need to be said so fast

I rarely say anything best when I think of it quickly. As I said some time ago, one of the temptations to sin in a social media world is instant publication for instant gratification and instant vindication rather than long-term and wide-ranging edification. I gave in to that by speaking quickly.
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In a Perfect (Blog) World

Lately, as we’ve been working our way through Genesis 1-2 at church, I’ve been thinking about life in a perfect world. What would it be like to work without ‘thorns and thistles’? What would it be like to be married without conflict? What would it be like to know the physical manifestation of the presence of God as the whole of creation becomes his dwelling place?

Those types of questions can seem be very hard to answer; they seem so far from reality that it’s hard to even imagine.

Here’s something else that’s hard to imagine: What would it be like in a perfectly Christian blog world? To try to conceive of such a thing, I think we’d have to develop a framework from the basics. What is the main business that Christians are to be about in general? If we know that, we can apply it to blogs.
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