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The Blue Jays Win the World Series!!

Okay, this is a little outside of what you may have come to expect from this blog, but it just hit me today that the only thing I’ve ever really posted about this wonderful city I live in was that stupid fan thing.

And today is opening day!! So, all things considered, I thought we should give it the old “Okay, Blue Jays, Let’s Play Ball!” routine. Some may think that the title of this post is a little premature, but Ken Rosenthal, senior baseball writer for Fox Sportsnet has predicted the Jays to bring home the big prize this year. Check it out!

So… make sure if you’re visiting our beautiful city, you come check out the Jays. Since the Maple Leafs stink so badly this year the Jays are the only show in town (we’re not even going to mention the miserable Raptors). If you live here, get out and cheer on Doc and the boys… it could be a fun year.


  1. DErifter

    Hey your feed is working!

    Premature is right. You must fear the Minnesota Twins.

  2. JLF


    I couldn’t help but notice that you commented at 6:48pm… before the game started tonight, eh?

    Anyone catch the final score?

  3. kerux

    Cease this drive-by disparaging of my Leafs!

  4. JLF

    Check the little icon, kerux, you’re in genuine Habs territory around these parts.

    Again… anyone catch the score of the game tonight? Or the past 7 games for that matter?

  5. DErifter

    Uh, yeah. About the scores. See, the thing is… um, hey did you read that post about the “stupid fan thing”? That was pretty funny.

    Anyway, I guess there’s a game tonight too, have you heard anything about THAT score?

  6. DErifter


  7. JLF

    Yeah, yeah, yeah… and the Vikings are going to do something this year too, right? 🙂

  8. DErifter


  9. Shameer Ravji

    GO HABS GO!!!

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