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A Hockey Post

It’s not often I post about sports, but I couldn’t resist this time. I came across an article by Dan Wetzel of Yahoo Sports on the topic of Gary Bettman’s 15th anniversary as commissioner of the National Hockey League.

In this article, he said everything I’ve thought about Bettman and the job that he has done better than I ever could. If you’re a hockey fan (or even if you’re a Sabres fan), this is an important read.

If online petitions were good for anything other than wasting time and filling up people’s inboxes with spam, I’d definitely start one to get Bettman out. That guy stinks at his job, and everyone seems to know it except the NHL Board of Governers. What’s up with that?


  1. D.R. Brooker

    Was that parenthetical comment really necessary? When taking jabs at the first place team in the East, unfoundedly of course, it gives an otherwise salient point you tried to make the appearance that it belongs in a tabloid. Let’s keep it above board shall we; we wouldn’t want you to also be labelled the “Paris Hilton of hockey analysis,” would we Kerux?

  2. Julian Freeman

    If comments are seen as being not ‘above board’ based on their necessity, then I wonder what could be said of your ‘toilet seat’ remarks several months ago.

    As if anything could be said to detract from the glory of the all-time greatest symbol of heroism and conquest in sports. 🙂

  3. D.R. Brooker

    Seriously, can anyone look at that Habs logo and NOT see a toilet seat? I think you need to post a clear picture and let your readers decide!

  4. harry


    I’m sure you noted two things:

    1. DR, the Sabre fan, avoided the direct question you posed and, instead, in an attempt to drag the discussion away from the obvious implication you drew, raises the tired toilet seat thing again.

    2. DR, the Sabre fan, is no longer trumpeting his team as best in the league blah blah… because he can’t, they’re falling, dropping in the standings, dribbling downward to their inevitable 1st round playoff exit, familiar Old Paths for them.

    Odious Herodias

  5. D.R. Brooker

    Honestly Odious (aka Nichole Richie to Kerux’s Paris)…I’m curious as to the colour of the sky in your world.

    1. Buffalo is still in first in the East and 1 point behind Nashville for 1st in the NHL; despite this alleged slump you have invented.

    2. We actually made the playoffs last year. The Leafs are 9th and currently out of the playoff picture, as usual.

    3. We went deep into those playoffs.

    4. You’re the only Leaf fan in existence who has sympathies for the Habs; much like the only Englishman who loved Napoleon.

    5. It’s easy to lose a few when you’re so far out in first. No incentive from the lesser-rans of the NHL. It’s called pity.

    What can be learned from this? One man’s symbol of excellence and affection is really just another man’s toilet seat!

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