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Love Your Wife!


Pastor Tim Kerr

Pastor Tim Kerr

Yesterday we had our December meeting of the Toronto Pastors Fellowship. What a blessing it was!

Pastor Tim Kerr of Sovereign Grace Church Toronto gave us a presentation titled, ‘Pastor, Love Your Wife!’ It was an excellent message. It was theological, cross-centred, and ultimately practical.

While the paper itself was good, the presentation of it was even better. Tim’s elaboration of the details in the paper were excellent, as were his answers in the question & answer time.

This month at TPF was a special one for several reasons. We invited all the men to bring their wives this month (who are always welcome, but especially so this month). Then after the meeting we all went out for lunch at a local restaurant. What a great time together!

Even though the paper was geared directly towards pastors and their wives, any married person would benefit from Tim’s ministry. You can download the paper here or you can get the audio here

If you know of a pastor within driving distance to the Greater Toronto Area, please let him know about the Pastors Fellowship. It has been a blessing to me, and I’m sure it will be to him as well.

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  1. Steve

    You might enjoy the following blogs about SGM:

    Hope this helps. They have had recent discussions about how wives are treated in SGM churches or at least members’ experiences.

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