Today I had the privilege of preaching the beginning of the Gospel according to Mark in our second week as a church.

Rarely, if ever, in my study for preaching have I been so floored by the wisdom and the plan of God as he puts the gospel of Jesus into action. Rarely, if ever, have I seen the deity of Jesus so supremely and transparently evident as in this section of Scripture.

What an amazing blessing to be able to study the Word and the teach it week-by-week! I’m so thankful for the blessing I received this week in the study–I only pray that some of that over-flowed in blessing the people.

Anyway, while we’re currently figuring out website and hosting issues, I’ll continue to post the sermons online here. You can stream or download below.

02 – Mark 1 1-20 – The Prophesied Preacher of a Gospel That Changes Everything – Julian Freeman – GFC – January 23, 2011