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Jesus and Scripture

In a recent paper I did for seminary on Jesus’ use of OT Scriptures in his temptation, I couldn’t help but take note of Christ’s high view of Scripture.

Gramatically, in both Matthew and Luke’s temptation accounts, when Jesus quotes the OT, he simply uses the word gegraptai. In his discussion on the weight of the various formulae used by NT authors when quoting the OT, BB Warfield says that “the significance of these formulas is perhaps most manifest where they stand alone as the bare adduction of authority without any indication of any kind whence the citation is derived.” In other words, Jesus intentionally leaves off any indication as to where and when who said what, but rather makes the simple claim, “It is written.” In doing so, he makes it clear that for him it is sufficient that it is written, and whatever is written is absolutely authoritative and beyond questioning or exception. If it is for Jesus, how much more should it be for everyone else?

It must be noted, however, that in his quotations of Scripture, Jesus is doing more than simply stating good and authoritative principles. Rather, he, the very son of God, is subjecting himself to their authority. It is here, in his temptation–when he is faced with ultimately easier “solutions”–that we see his true “humble submission to Scripture,” with the simple acquiescing statement: “It is written.” Surely no human ought ever suppose that the Bible should not be binding on them when it was so on our Lord and our God.

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