Freed to live through the death of another.

Matthew Henry didn’t love his ‘stuff’

I love Matthew Henry for so many reasons. Here’s one of them: He wasn’t like us. He wasn’t materialistic like we all are these days.

One day when Mr Henry was robbed while journeying, he returned home to write this in his diary:

Lord, I thank you
that I have never been robbed before;
that although they took my money, they spared my life;
that although they took everything, it wasn’t very much;
that it was I who was robbed, not I who robbed.

Not sure that would be my response.

Praise the Lord for men who like this who have continued to form ‘so great a cloud of witnesses’ before us. God give us grace to run as they did!


  1. I_am_Batman

    I read Matthew Henry everday. I thanked God for him today in my prayers because he has the ability to open up the Bible like no one ever has in a commentary. No wonder he has been so popular for so long!

  2. Jonathan Moorhead

    and may God give us the grace to respond as he did. It’s sad that we have to look back to find examples like this.

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